Causes: Economic


Agriculture Use

The agricultural industry consumes over 70% of the freshwater available on Earth. To complicate matters, almost half of the food produced rots or is never used. The United Nations World Food Programme (UNWFP) has estimated that by 2025, our population will increase by 2.6 billion people. Due to this projected change, in the next 20 years, a 50% increase in agricultural production would have to occur to provide for the population along with a corresponding increase in water supply.

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Industrial Use

Overuse of water in non-agricultural industries, is another deadly cause of the lack of water worldwide. Industrial products use over 20% of the world's freshwater supply. 39090 gallons are used to make only one car. Also, computer industries produces nearly 300 billion liters of waste water on a yearly basis.

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Pollution, Wastes, Destruction of the Environment

Adding to these unacceptable rates of water usage, the world's freshwater supply is threatened by poisonous runoff from factories and cities. Huge quantities of harmful waste such as pesticides and chemicals are discarded into water sources which contaminate the water table. As a result, a surplus of algae is produced, which in turn depletes oxygen and allows for the growth of pathogens that carry deadly diseases. This results in the extinction of diverse underwater species. Also, toxins enter into the aquifers and damage the water tables.

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