Causes: Political


Privatization of Water

Water has been promoted as a commodity; as a result of this, multinational corporations control all the freshwater in certain areas. Some governments have suggested privatizing access to water, but this has only caused disputes among citizens and those vying for control or access to water.

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Political Controversy

From March 16-22, 2006, Mexico hosted the fourth World Water Forum. Some of the World Water Forum's biggest donors were companies that used excessive amounts of water putting the political credibility of the World Water Forum at stake. For example, by the company's own admission, one of the largest donors to the World Water Forum used 283 billion liters of water in 2004. This significant amount of water is extremely important especially because over 1.1 billion people lack access to their daily water requirements; the whole world can obtain the essential amount of water to survive for 10 days with that much water. Moreover, it takes around 2.7 liters to produce just one liter of soda and the rest (1.7 liters) is used for cleaning the bottles and machinery. This (1.7 liters) is then thrown out as wastewater. On average, the company regularly uses up to one million liters of water daily. The result has been sharp drops in groundwater levels, resulting in severe water shortages for tens of thousands of people.

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