Challenges: Economic


As water sources continue to decline water companies are forced to increase the cost of this essential and necessary element of life. For example, the board of the directors of the San Diego Water Authority have required their retail agencies to obtain clean water. These agencies are charging an 11% price increase in 2011. Because it is costing them more money to obtain, water companies are forced to increase their prices for water. As a result, water becomes expensive for the everyday family. Ofwat, the company that regulates water prices in the United Kingdom, initially proposed a 29% increase in water prices for their country. Although later, it ended up being only an 18% increase, it still greatly affects the people of Wales, England, etc. Los Angeles finds other ways to compensate, however. In the next four years, the Los Angeles Department of Water and Power is planning to boost the electricity bills of their customers by a total of 37%. Water prices all around the world have followed this example and are increasing their prices.

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