Interview with Stellios Proios

On February 22nd, 2011, Abha interviewed Stellios Proios, who is the owner of Proios Farms. He uses a well and water storage system for obtaining his water on the farm.

Abha: How has the Water Crisis affected farmers like you?

Stellios Proios: It hasn't really affected me. Luckily, before I bought my property I invested in a well because I had heard of many farmers that weren't able to grow their crops because they had no water. All my water is supplied from this well and it provides around 3,000 gallons. We installed a system to store any leftover water because we can't take any risks.

Abha: Has it affected any people you know?

Stellios Proios: Our old neighbors grew citrus fruits and their well went dry. They didn't have a water storage system so they were left with no water for a long time. They tried digging deeper, but there wasn't any water. They had to wheel in tanks of water on a daily basis and eventually stopped farming all together. Some other people up North, decided to sell their water rights to the city. This is a lot more profitable than farming so I wouldn't be surprised if people continued to do this.

Abha: How does a lack of water affect the quality of your crops?

Stellios Proios: Lack of water affects the size of crops, the number of crops produced, the quality of the crops, and it's shelf life.