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About Us

Who We Are

Meet the Director - Abha

Abha is fifteen years old and she lives in Southern California, USA. Working on this website really helped her realize the importance of teamwork, cooperation, patience and compromise. As the team leader, Abha coordinated meetings, assigned tasks, and designed the outline of the website on paper. In addition, she interviewed farmers and some executives of major water related companies, created the sitemap, made the introduction video, made all the graphics, and took most of the pictures. Lastly everyone had an assigned section to write articles on, so she wrote all her assigned articles.

Some of her hobbies include biking, playing squash, reading, playing piano, photography, composing music, and listening to music. Throughout the project, Abha learned many new things about designing a website and hope to make more websites in the future.

Meet the Producer - Vaibhav

Vaibhav is currently a freshman at Beckman High School in Irvine, California, where he is in the tennis team, cross country team, and string orchestra. His hobbies include solving Jigsaw puzzles, eating at restaurants, and playing sports.

As the producer of the group, Vaibhav constructed and built the website using programs like PHP and FileZilla. Vaibhav also interviewed a UCI professor and the San Joaquin Wildlife Sanctuary Manager. Vaibhav also wrote his assigned articles for the website, took a few pictures, built the website quiz, the crossword puzzles, and checked for plagiarism. By building this website, Vaibhav learned that you may make a mistake a thousand times, but if in the end, you still don't get it right, the time you spent isn't time wasted. The time you spent is time learning.

Meet the Editor - Brady

Brady is a current sophomore at Mira Costa High School in Manhattan Beach, California, where he is a member of the Model United Nations program, the wind ensemble, and the symphony orchestra.

He also contributes articles to the school newspaper, La Vista. His hobbies include playing the trombone, lacrosse, backpacking, and rock climbing. Brady took on more of an editorial role for this project, composing and editing much of the content, and learned that the smallest things often have the largest impact on the overall presentation of a project.

Working Together

Collaboration is the key to successful projects. We used emails, chat, desktop sharing software and telephone calls to work together. We also put our individual articles on a Wiki so we could see the entire project as a whole. We divided the responsibilities, and we exchanged emails very frequently to show how our work was coming along. With a time schedule and deadlines, we were able to finish most of the website on time, but it was not easy. We had our moments. Some weeks we couldn't work on the project at all due to tests and other activities. But during the holidays, and spring break we devoted long hours, composing and polishing our project. There were times when we couldn't follow the strict schedules and we couldn't communicate clearly with our teammates, but in the end, we truly worked as a team. We combined our strengths to take advantage of our team. Vaibhav was exceptionally good at math and computer related work, so he took the responsibility of designing and constructing the website using PHP. Brady writes well, so he read all the articles and edited them, making sure they were conveying the same message. Abha spent most of her time with the creative portion of our efforts, composing music, creating the slide show, capturing and finding photographs, and designing the overall structure of our website. Our combined efforts will hopefully ameliorate the water crisis around the world -- one drop at a time.



We would also like to give many thanks to Mrs. Ware, our coach for helping us whenever we needed her advice. She was always there for us to critique our project and make sure we all worked as a team.


We would like to thank our parents for being very supportive throughout the project. We couldn't have done it without their moral support. There were times when our parents' encouragement kept us focused about the project.


Thanks to,, and Jim Frazee for letting us use their photographs. They were very generous about sharing their pictures.


We would like to thank Dr. Leslie Shoemaker, Anil Minda, Russel Detwiler, Trude Hurd, Andrew Garcia, Carol Thys, and Stellios Proios for giving us their time and sharing their thoughts about the water problems our world faces today.


Many thanks to all the websites for letting us use their software for free.


Last but not least, we would like to thank ThinkQuest for giving kids like us an opportunity to express our ideas, and concerns about the world. Hopefully our website will be able to bring some awareness about the ongoing Water Crisis in the world and what we can do to help.