What We Can Do: Community

Community Level

Saving water on a community level requires more involvement and dedication than on a personal level - since you have to convince a large body of maybe-not-so-environmentally-conscious citizens to agree to act together. The most common way a community conserves water is through ordinances handed down from higher authorities - many towns, when confronted with drought or other adverse conditions, are forced by their country water authorities to go on "water rationing" to reduce the strain on municipal water systems. These programs take the activities that place the most strain on water systems (washing cars, watering plants and lawns) and require that they take place on certain evenings and mornings instead of sporadically and throughout the day. This drastically reduces the water loss from evaporation and shoddy watering, and allows the water system to allocate its resources to the areas that are scheduled to use water and prevent low water pressure across the network.

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